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BOABER brings boat hire companies into one place so you can choose a journey, time and place that suits you. 

A grand launch is on the horizon! BOABER is making waves in Argyll and Bute 


At the helm of this maritime revolution are the dynamic duo, Zoe and Sarah Robinson Frood, a powerhouse wife team steering the ship into uncharted waters.


Your Personalised Voyage Awaits!


Picture this: a boundless sea of possibilities right at your fingertips! We've teamed up with boat hire companies in the stunning landscapes of Argyll and Bute to craft a maritime experience that's uniquely yours.

Craft Your Perfect Expedition:

Imagine booking a boat to sail to a lively festival, basking in the coastal melodies. Picture a serene afternoon, cruising to a delightful lunch spot. Need to attend an important appointment? Why not make it a nautical journey to remember?

With BOABER, we're not just booking boats; we're creating memories, curating bespoke voyages, and bringing your maritime dreams to life.

The shores of Argyll and Bute await your exploration, and BOABER is your trusted compass. Join us as we set sail on an adventure where every wave tells a tale and every journey is a masterpiece.

Set Sail with BOABER and Let's Navigate Your Adventure!

Do you want to partner with BOABER for your event, become a boat provider or learn more about BOABER get in touch. 

Boat providers can create there own profile to allow us to contact you with potential bookings.

Featured in:

The Scotsman
Scottish Financial News
Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc Accelerator
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